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Orders & Payments

  • Buying at our online store is easy. It does not require much time or difficulty. Simply choose the product, add it to your cart, fill in your information and choose your payment method. If you experience any difficulties or complications placing your order or browsing through our website, contact us at We will also take care of the packaging, so you don’t need to worry!
  • Each piece comes individually wrapped with lovely packaging designed by Kyklos jewelry. It will be inside a box to provide the best protection and ensuring it arrives in perfect condition. If your order is not received as explained above please do not hesitate to contact us.


Accepted payments methods:


You can choose the bank that facilitates you to deposit the amount of your order. In the bank deposit you must enter your full name as a reason.

For the fastest execution of your order, you can send the deposit of the Bank via email to


The bank account where you can deposit the money is:



IBAN: GR0601722220005222050006884


Beneficiary Details: AFOI MAVRIDI OE



IBAN: GR4701407010701002002029732


Beneficiary Details: AFOI MAVRIDI OE


In the deposit, write your details and the order number.


The process of finishing your payment is undertaken by PIRAEUS bank, thus ensuring the absolute security of your transaction. When entering your card details, the bank does not charge the amount of your order, but binds it. The charge is made at the invoicing of your order.

The additional security of electronic transactions via credit cards are made with the Winbank Paycenter security system of PIRAEUS Bank. Thus, during the credit purchase process, the customer is automatically transferred to a secure server (security server) in the Winbank Paycenter service of PIRAEUS Bank. All data transferred electronically by the customer (credit card information) to the Winbank Paycenter service of PIRAEUS Bank, as well as their transfer from the Bank to VISA or MasterCard are covered by the SSL 128-bit Veri Sign encryption algorithm, the most powerful encryption which exists today worldwide. In this case, the card details are not stored anywhere, they are only used during the check and billing. In this way, the transactions you make with via credit cards are completely secure. does not collect or store your credit card information in any way, and for this reason you need to re-register it every time you use your credit card for transactions through this site.


You can pay for your purchases through the secure PayPal environment, even without an account and with the ability to use your credit or debit card. Your products are shipped with your retail receipt or purchase invoice.