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About Kyklos


When Giannis and Nikos Mavridis were children, they were wandering in their parents’ jewelry workshop. A fascinating world for a child. Full of colors and stones, melted metals and molds. This was enough to fill Giannis and Nikos with inspiration. To urge them to be masters of their own craftsmanship. Continue the family tradition. But setting new rules. They studied, observed, and experimented with different styles and approaches. Until they were finally there. Giannis and Nikos adopted a personal and unique way to express themselves through the art of handmade jewelries. They chose to design jewelry beyond the ordinary class. Aesthetic decisions were made, materials were meticulously selected, and the brothers started their own journey in 2015. The name of their workshop: “Kyklos”. “Kyklos” in Greek means cycle. Everything in jewelry crafting starts from cycles. Moreover, “Kyklos” symbolizes unity and strong bonds. But also, represents how the two young fellows returned to their roots. After a cycle of learning and experiencing. They came back to enhance their family tradition with their own innovation. To take the tradition out of the mold of the ordinary. As the two brothers, Kyklos never stops evolving. It now carries under its branch different product lines. Their common characteristics?
Luxurious quirkiness and handmade artistry which take the class out of the ordinary.



Kyklos, as a family-owned business, is based on steady values that are built around authenticity, honesty, and dedication to luxurious craftsmanship. Kyklos desires to offer a complete experience to the final consumer. The quality of the materials, the unique designs, and the attention to detail, from the production to the final packaging of the jewelry, are expressing the devotion of Kyklos to its core values. Kyklos develops relationships of trust & clarity with its customers. It is a company that respects individuality and reflects that in the different character of each piece of jewelry. Kyklos supports sustainability, by using recyclable materials and procedures that respect the environment and the local community.

Kyklos showroom is located in Thessaloniki, where the jewelry workshop is also co-located in order to achieve better quality control, as well as shorter production time.