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Article: Kyklos Jewelry / The Story Behind The Brand

Kyklos Jewelry - How all started

Kyklos Jewelry / The Story Behind The Brand

Jewelry is more than just a family relationship, it's also an old history! The founders of Kyklos, the brothers Giannis and Nikos Mavridis grew up in the workshop of their goldsmith parents, watching from a very young age and from very close the love for gold and precious stones. All these images and the endless hours in the workshop contributed growing up to their decision to carry on the family tradition. They had already studied, developed and discovered how they wished to express themselves through the art of jewelry. A modern brand, which, however, is governed by timeless values, was born and is called Kyklos. Nowadays, Giannis is involved in jewelry design, sales and customer service, while Nikos is dedicated to manufacturing and managing the workshop.

But how did Kyklos get started? It all started in 2015, the inspiration for choosing the name was the perfection of the cycle. This shape has a symbolic value since in the art of jewelry everything starts with circles, a continuous shape. Kyklos expresses unity and team, as it also employs a group of dedicated partners.

Kyklos connects, unites, protects. All the above qualities are in themselves inspiration for the creations you will discover at These creations are meant to highlight the best version of yourself. They are on a mission to connect all your moments together by first connecting you to them. 

"Our vision remains to create jewelry that expresses our aesthetics and philosophy, that is, to create unique and authentic jewelry. All our jewelry is handmade, so when someone chooses to wear one of them, they essentially identify with our aesthetic, and that is the greatest reward for us."

Kyklos operates both in Greece and abroad (with a large percentage of sales in the US) accompanying people with their jewelry in whatever phase of their life they are. It is important to note that we constantly strive to ensure variety.

We maintain quality and refinement while offering the widest possible variety in designs, jewelry types and prices.

The core values of Kyklos brand are authenticity, honesty and our good communication with customers.




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